Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heads or Tails - a Special Memory

Today's theme is:
TAILS - Share a special memory
The year Beth was in 6th grade, she started getting up in the mornings and walking with me. Sometimes we'd roller blade. Sometimes she'd put her roller blades on and skate while I walked. She liked that better, because I will not go down the big hill on my roller blades, but Beth will. Most of the time we walked, and we talked, and just enjoyed being together.

beth 002
It's a special memory for me now, because by the next school year she started Middle School. She didn't have any extra time in the mornings. We had less and less time together. Her life started to revolve around her friends, and she didn't want to spend any time with me or the rest of the family unless she absolutely had to. Somewhere along the line she decided that she hates all of us, her life is horrible, and she just can't wait to turn 18 and move out, because she doesn't need us.

Normal teenage behavior or not, it's hard to see the person she is right now. On the days I start wondering if she'll ever be a nice, decent person, sometimes it helps to remember that she was. Once.
She says she's nice to her friends. Maybe one of these days she'll be nice to us again, too, and not just when she wants something .

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  1. hang in there you will like each other when she is oooooooooooooooo 25,,, yeah I got one I can't wait till then too....

  2. Ya, I know just what you mean. Our daughter was the same way. If it's any good to share this, she just turned 39 and she's all grown up and knows now that her best friend is her mom---me!!! [only 'cause she now is a mother too]

    Excellent H o T

  3. Hang in there darling. It is hard I know, I am there with both boys and Cheyla too. I have other people tell me how kind my children are, and I wonder why I don't see the same thing at home.
    Cherish the good memories, and remember she holds them in her heart too, whether she realizes it right now or not.
    You are a good mom, with a good heart.
    Happy HorT, pop into The Cafe for mine if you'd like.

  4. Oh Anna, I could feel how much you miss her. I'm sure she loves you very much. I guess it's a phase many teenagers go through. Take care.

  5. Nifty memory … transitional times are challenging for all concerned … and it’s good to hold onto the wonderful memories like this to bridge the gap to the good times ahead. Thanks for sharing.

    I used HoT (at Small Reflections) this week as a way to ‘revisit’ some of my earliest blog posts and remind myself just why I entered the Blogosphere in the first place.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Amazing how it happens to nearly everyone - you'd think once knowing this, it would be easier to handle, but NOT. Good luck!

  7. I look at my teenager and wonder what happened to my sweet little girl that wanted to spend all her waking moments with her mommy.

  8. I have been where you are. It'll get better. Here's what I did...We kept inviting her friends over our house and we did things together with her friends. There were a lot of tough times but teenagers usually get over it. We just made sure that we told our teenagers that they are loved no matter what.

    Oh yeah, I also told them that God has a way of giving pay back. So they better be nice to their parents. LOL

  9. You're almost making me cry here - I so wish we could just avoid that stage! I'm so glad that you have memories like that with Beth though, and I need to remember to create as many special ones as I can with my girls too before they hit those teenage years.

  10. So glad you have those memories with your teen. Her life will get busier as yours slows down and it is good to remember those times together.

  11. I know it's hard, but it's her way to fight for independence.

    We here always say that behaving like that reflects a strong bond between child and parent.
    She needs to fight harder to grow up, to loosen the bond.

    It will be allright.

    You can find my memory here:


    Have a great day!


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