Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hot Chocolate and Watching TV

I'm sitting here drinking my leftover coffee/hot chocolate (I'm in the basement where it's cold) and I started thinking about how Jeffrey started complaining that I never offer him any. So, about a week ago, I was making mine, and I offered him some. Of course he had to say yes, since he'd been complaining, so I made him some, too. And, after all that, he didn't like it! I warm up the coffee, add two scoops of hot chocolate mix, and I'm good to go. I guess that's not enough chocolate for him. When he makes hot chocolate, he likes to use 2 envelopes, which would translate to, at least 4 scoops?

Well, guess what? I'm not making him any more hot chocolate, with or without coffee. If he doesn't like it the way I make it, then he can just make his own. And the way he makes it, he's better off without.

While I'm down here, I'm 'watching' CSI New York, which I've never watched before. I always liked Gary Sinise - since Forest Gump, anyway, but we just never got into watching this one. There was just nothing else on I really cared about, and I wasn't paying that much attention anyway. Maybe if I had Bose home theater sound so I could hear it better, I would have paid a little more attention tonight. Then again, maybe not. I get too distracted when I'm on the computer, and I don't pay much attention to the TV any more. I sort of know what's going on, but I miss a lot. Then again, maybe I'm not really missing all that much...


  1. My hubby doesn't drink coffee or hot chocolate. I find that kinda weird eh?

  2. We don't drink coffee here in this house but love hot chocolate...putting it in coffee...hmm that sounds interesting!


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