Friday, April 04, 2008

Finding Scholarships for College

How are we going to pay for college? That's a question that comes up fairly often in this house. While it would have been nice if we had started planning for college and putting some money aside when the kids were little, we didn't. Yes, we'll be able to help them some, but we're going to need some help, and the kids are going to need to do their part.

I'm happy to find, a site to help parents and students find money for college. We can register on the site and enter information like academic record, athletic and artistic interests and abilities, organizations the kids are members of, and their college choices. will use that information to match them up with all the financial scholarships they are eligible for. The database is updated constantly so they always have the most relevant and accurate scholarship information.

Not only does help find the scholarships that are available, they also offer an extensive collection of resources. We can get answers to some very important questions, like how to apply for the scholarships we find, and what the etiquette is for applying for a scholarship. I will definitely be spending some time on this site.