Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get on the Road to Clear Skin

Cory came out of the bathroom last night and said he's got a big zit in the middle of his forehead. I bet he would really love it if he knew I was telling you this! Luckily, he only gets a zit or two every once in a while, and they usually go away without too much trouble. For some teens, that's not the case. Some of them have a serious case of acne all over their faces, as if the teenage years aren't difficult enough. It has to be really hard on their self-esteem.

It's definitely worth searching out Acne Treatment that works and learning the facts about acne. One of those treatments I've heard about is Proactiv® Solution , the one advertised by Jessica Simpson. If she ever had acne, you certainly couldn't tell it by looking at her face now. Proactiv® Solution sponsors the website, a comprehensive online acne resource. It's a good place to start, to learn the facts about acne - causes, treatments, myths about acne, and prevention. They want acne sufferers to get on the road to clear skin, and they give them the information to make it happen.


  1. Aurora has acne problems and had to get a prescription for it.

  2. My son loves Proactive and swears by it. Before we found that my sons used the prescription Retin A called Differin. It worked well, but you had to worry about sunburn and drying. This is much easier on the skin. I actually was using the prescription Retin A until recently because it helps both wrinkles and pimples and even though I'm starting to get wrinkles, I still get the occasional pimple. It just doesn't seem fair.


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