Monday, April 07, 2008

Give Me 5 Monday - Candy

The topic of today's list is - Give Me Five favorite candies, of all time or currently.

  1. Baby Ruth - I haven't had one of these in ages, but I remember it was my favorite candy bar in Jr. High. Every Friday we could buy candy at lunch, and when I bought some, this is the candy bar I would buy.
  2. Nestle Treasures, Toasted Coconut - These were amazing! Of course, like it seems to happen all the time, if I like something, they stop making it. I called the company to ask why I couldn't find them any more and was told they weren't making them any more because they weren't selling as well as the others. The person I was talking to had the nerve to tell me that they had a new strawberry flavor I should try. Not. The. Same. Thing. Imitation flavor, artificial color, fake pink strawberry covered with chocolate does not remotely compare to toasted coconut!
  3. Dark Chocolate - any kind. I was never a big fan of chocolate, until I discovered the dark kind. So much better than regular old milk chocolate. They say it's good for you, too.
  4. Twizzlers - the regular strawberry flavor. (See, I like my strawberry flavor, just not in Treasures. I want my toasted coconut!) The new hot cinnamon Twizzlers are pretty good, too, but I really like the regular ones. We always have to have them when we go to the fireworks on July 4th - even if we don't have them any other time all year.
  5. Malted Milk Robin Eggs - this is the current favorite. We went to Walgreen's after Easter and bought several bags of these on clearance. These are so good.
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  1. Oh yes...Malted Milk Robin's Eggs!! Yum! :) I love those, too! :)

  2. After reading all these Give Me Fives, I really need a chocolate fix. :o)

  3. mmmmm...dark chocolate and twizzlers!

  4. I like dark chocolate also!
    Great list!

  5. I'm with you on the dark chocolate. I like the milk chocolate, but if there's dark chocolate anything I'll chose that first. Have a great GM5. :)

  6. Your malted milk robin eggs reminded me of the Whoppers chocolate covered malt balls... yummy!

  7. Wooo hoo! I totally forgot about the Robins Eggs with Malt balls Easter fave of mine :) Great list today!!

  8. I came to visit your Give Me Five meme, so I will say Yes! to the chocolate and the malted milk robin eggs.

    But what I most want to say is that I LOVE your header, with the pictures of you and your kids!


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