Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last Day to Vote

I just received this email, and I know I mentioned this young lady before, but, if you haven't voted yet, would you please consider doing so. All votes must be submitted by 10 or 11am Eastern time today. You are only allowed one voter per IP address. Kayleen is a young lady who attends church with my brother.
Kayleen Hannaway in Salem, Oregon is finalist for a $20,000 scholarship to Vanderbilt University if she wins a national teen contest through voting. (Kind of like American Idol). She has made it through five rounds and is about 20 votes behind in the last three hours of the contest.

Could I ask you to vote for Kayleen Hannaway. It’s very easy. Please go to this link and then scroll down Kayleen’s side to VOTE ME.

I would really appreciate it. It would obviously mean a lot to her.

This must be done before either 10 or 11 am Eastern TODAY, Wednesday.

Thank you. Thank you.