Monday, April 14, 2008

Put the Glasses Away

Cory has been asking for contacts for a while now. Other kids in his class have them, and they seem to be doing fine. I'm still a little apprehensive, though. Is he really responsible enough to take care of them? My brother used to wear contacts. He wore them too long or did something he shouldn't have, and they damaged his eyes. Of course, he was an adult when this happened, so that can't be blamed on teenage irresponsibility. I haven't worn contacts in years. When I had Beth, it just seemed easier not to mess with them and to just wear my glasses. More than 17 years later, I'm still wearing the glasses.

In those 17 years, contacts have changed. It sounds like they are definitely more comfortable, judging by these user reviews of the Acuvue Oasys lenses. They say they are so comfortable they can't even feel them, and their eyes don't dry out the way they did with other lenses. I remember I always had to use eye drops with my contacts because my eyes got so dry, especially when I was tired. Another reason I quit wearing them when I had a new baby - I was always tired!

I'm also going to admit that I have resisted trying contacts again or getting them for Cory because I think they will cost too much. If I'm dumb enough to buy them from the eye doctor, they probably will, but ordering from 1-800-GET-LENS looks like it will make them affordable. 1-800-GET-LENS supplies all the major brands and types of contact lenses direct to your door, at up to 70% savings. Just what I like - convenience and savings. At this rate I will run out of excuses for not getting Cory the contacts he wants.