Thursday, April 03, 2008

Win Flash Drives for Your School

With so much emphasis on technology in the schools these days, it makes sense for every student to have their own flash drive. A lot of the school work is done on computers, and it's often hard to transfer that work between the school computers and the home computer, especially with so many websites blocked for 'security purposes' or to keep the kids from wasting time when they are supposed to be working. When you need to email your files to yourself so that you can work on them at home, and you cannot access your email, that can be a problem. And that's when the flash drive comes in very handy.

Here's a school fundraiser I hadn't heard of - selling school-branded personalized flash drives. So many fundraisers try to sell people things they don't need, but these the students and teachers can actually use. The way it works is, the school registers with Pexagon. Then Pexagon supplies the school with a number of gift cards. Students, teachers, and parents buy the gift cards, which they redeem on the website, and the personalized flash drives are shipped directly to the home - no tax and no shipping. The school then returns all unsold gift cards to Pexagon - so there's no getting caught with something you can't sell, like these boxes of candy bars I have sitting in my basement that the band students are not selling. The flash drives come in sizes from 512MB to 4GB, in 14 colors, and with free laser engraving.

If schools sign up by June 30, 2008 and incorporate the fundraiser into their back to school supply lists or mailings, the profit on each and every flash drive is 30% - 10% more than the usual share. You can also register to Win 1,000 Personalized Flash Drives for Your School! Anyone can sign up, but the flash drives will only be given to a school and not an individual. In addition to the 1000 flash drives grand prize, Pexagon will be giving away 20 gift cards each week. You can register as often as you want, and the winners will be chosen randomly every week. I'm thinking 1000 flash drives ought to about cover all the students in our high school.