Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sky Watch Friday (#1)

Sky Watch Friday! I've been seeing this on Misty's blogs (My Dogs Keep Me Sane and Misty's Words), and I thought it might be fun to join in. After all, I'm always taking pictures of the sky. I have plenty of them on my computer, and I'm always taking more. This is from a while ago.

sunrise from my driveway


  1. The contrast of the sky and the background is fabulous! Welcome to Sky Watch Friday! Come and see mine.

  2. That is one beautiful shot of the sky, the colors are fabulous,and they rays couldn't be better.
    You will enjoy Sky Watch Friday i know i do and i got hooked pretty fast.

  3. That is a stunning photo! I don't think we have such exciting looking sky as that round here...

  4. What a beautiful picture of the sunrise...I will have to look into "Sky Watch Friday" if I could only get good pics of the sky...usually pretty boring. I got some great sunset shots this summer camping at the beach!

    This is girlfriend/sister week and I have somethig for you on my blog.
    come by and get it.

    Happy Holidays

  5. Welcome to skywatch Friday! Your photo is beautiful!!

  6. That's beautiful, Anna! I love how the rays of sunlight are streaming out through the clouds.

  7. Wow, stunningly beautiful! What a great photo. And so lucky - the view from your driveway? :)

  8. Oh Wow...This is beautiful. Looks heavenly!

  9. This is a GORGEOUS photo Anna! I'm glad you joined Sky Watch Friday (It's lots of fun!)

    I wish you a fabulous 2008!


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