Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The College Dropout

The other day I mentioned that I needed to know the name of the artist if I wanted to look up the song lyrics on I browsed through the site looking for artist names that I recognized. I didn't find many that I recognized. Now maybe they pronounce the names different than they're spelled, or maybe I just need to pay more attention. What I did find out is that there is a lot more to this site than just lyrics. There are also artist biographies, so you can learn more about the artists, song listings with more information and the ability to play a small clip, pictures, and more.

I started looking at the Kanye West Lyrics, because he's one of the artists I've heard of, and I know I've heard at least one of his song, Hey Mama when he performed it at the Grammy Awards. I read through the Kanye West Biography on the site and learned that his late mother, to whom he dedicated that song, was a professor of English. I wonder how she felt when he dropped out of college? He went on to become successful in the career he chose, but still, that has to be hard for a mother, especially one who was an educator.

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