Thursday, June 19, 2008

New RVs

Jeffrey's mom and her husband have a very nice travel trailer they use whenever they travel around the country. It's so nice for them, because no matter where they go, they have their own bed, and they don't have to carry their clothes in and out of a hotel room or the place they're visiting. I told them that when they're tired of traveling, it will be about time for Jeffrey and me to start traveling around the country, we'll use it.

So, they better take care of it! Of course, there is still plenty of traveling left in their future, I'm sure, so we may have to start looking for New RVs when we get ready to travel. looks like the perfect site to find one. They have new RVs and used RVs. You can search RVs to see what's out there, or if you have an RV you want to sell, you can list it there, too. There's also some great information to help you choose an RV.

Mom & Fred, I'm just saying that you better take care of that trailer, or I better start saving my pennies now! Oh, but these things are nice.