Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cory's Driving

Jeffrey took Cory out driving after dinner. So, if you're out on the streets, you might want to get to someplace safe.

Cory told me that he'd rather have me take him out driving, because he thinks I'd be nicer. That might be true. At least I understand that driving does not come naturally to everyone, which I think his dad believes. It didn't come naturally to me. Maybe it will for Cory, but first he's got to try it and get comfortable with what he is doing. You can't really expect him to climb into the driver's seat and be an expert driver the first time, can you?

We've got to get him driving and practicing, because he starts driving with his Drivers Ed. teacher next week. At least the teacher gets a brake!

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  1. Driving, how exciting! Best of luck to him but I'm sure he will be fine!

    I am tagging you with a meme on my jabber jaws blog.


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