Friday, June 13, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (#26)

It's Friday again, and that means Sky Watch Friday!

We've certainly been watching the sky this week.  It seems that storms have rumbled through every day.  These big, dark clouds come rolling up.  They open up and pour rain down on us, and then they roll on by, only to be followed shortly by more big, moisture-laden clouds.  Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Milwaukee has already set a record for the most rainfall in June, and we're only halfway through the month.  The previous record was set in 1917.

Here are some clouds that have already dropped their rain on us, after they have rolled on by. 

Between the Raindrops

and here are some more rolling in:
Here Comes the Rain

This week I have been very thankful that we don't live anywhere near a river, lake, or any other body of water.  Many people have had their houses flooded and even washed away.  No, I never want to live on a lake or river.  While the view is nice, I just can't imagine having to deal with that.  Even worse (well, maybe not worse, but ewwww) are the houses and basements flooded by sewer backups.

If you enjoy looking at the sky as much as I do, you'll want to check out Sky Watch Friday at Wiggers World. Join in or just enjoy all the wonderful sky pictures.


  1. I wish you some nice weather with a desent mix of sunshine and fine light drizzle... :O)
    Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch this week and helping to make it special.


  2. I hope it will clear up soon at your place. :)
    Happy weekend!

  3. This is a nice sky watch post. I like the way the light poked through just enough to light up some of the houses.

  4. Those are some ominous looking clouds, but they make for wonderful photos! :)

  5. Quite same as we had today, here other side of ocean:) Beautiful shots!

  6. Really ominous looking clouds. The light on the houses is beautiful.

  7. Very nice 'after-' and 'before'-the-rain sky photos. We've had a lot of rain here, but nothing like what's being dumped on the Midwest.

  8. Stormy Skies very nice photo..Happy Sky Watch Friday......lovely moody dark blue colors in your sky....we also have rain and more rain....come and see my bride in the sky..if you already visited my blog, then thanks...cheers!!

  9. Great cloud shots and i am glad to know that you don't live near the water either. So much destruction this yr


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