Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tillie and the Rain

Off and on all evening we've had quick showers. Nothing as serious as we had coming home, but it still manages to pour every once in a while.

Tillie has been begging someone to take her outside. You know, this cat used to be so quiet, and mostly she is. She really doesn't make much noise, but recently she's decided she wants to go outside and roll around on the sidewalk or chase bugs and smell the flowers. So she sits at the front door and meows until someone finally takes pity on her and goes outside with her. Did I tell you she's spoiled? Anyway, Jeffrey just took her out a few minutes ago. while they were out there, it decided to rain again. A drop or two hit her, and Tillie was ready to come in. Jeffrey opened the door, and she came running in. I guess she does not like the rain. Do you think it will stop her wanting to go out? Somehow I doubt it.


  1. My cats hate the rain too. They'll be outside and as soon as it starts raining they are at the door whining to get in.

  2. My cat has never been outdoors but loves to sit in the windowsills. And I have an 11-yr old boy who is fast approaching teenager-hood. Help!

  3. My friends cat wants out during storms. She has a certain tree she sits under during the thunder and lightening. She is strange.

  4. Howdy from another WI Mom!

    Have you & your family floated away yet?!?


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