Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Party Time!

A while back I mentioned that Cory was going out with some senior girls - to a teen activity at a church. He had so much fun that he wanted to go back every week. Then play practice got in the way and he had to miss a few weeks. After the play, he started going back again, and his team ended up winning the challenges. So, anyone who was on the winning team and who had attended at least 5 times won a party. Cory thought there were going to be prizes, but the party sounds pretty good.

They all dressed up, and they're going to take pictures and go to dinner and get to ride around in a Hummer limo. From what Cory said, his team was the largest one, so I'm surprised the church didn't need to buy a bus to haul them all around. I know, a limo sounds much cooler. Cory took the camera, so I hope he gets some good pictures. They're also going to go bowling - all the girls in their fancy dresses and the guys in their nice clothes. Cory wore his black pants, a black shirt, and his fedora. The other Cory, who came with Crystal to pick him up, was all dressed up in a suit and tie! (Yes, there were some other guys. Cory didn't get all the girls to himself) Cory doesn't have a suit - the boy already went through his closet and cleaned out several pairs of dress pants he's outgrown or gotten too tall for recently. Still, he looked pretty spiffy.

So, Cory is gone, and Beth is going to dinner with Tim. Once again, we're going to be home alone with no kids...


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