Friday, June 27, 2008

Fair Tickets

Summerfest started yesterday, and we didn't go to opening day. The last couple of years we've gone in the afternoon, donated our 3 non-perishable food items, and gotten in free. Mostly we went because we wanted to see REO in concert, and the fireworks. This year REO isn't playing Summerfest, and we just couldn't get enthused about any of the other bands. We hated to miss the Big Bang, though. We did watch it on TV - not quite the same, but high definition is pretty nice.

We do have tickets to see REO at the Wisconsin State Fair, so we'll still get to see them. Jeffrey went and bought fair tickets yesterday since they're cheaper now than they will be at the gate. He figured we won't have much time to do anything else when we go for the concert, so he bought extra tickets so we can go back. We have to have time to check out all the Wisconsin products and the 'as seen on TV' product booths, right?

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, showing colour Shot with Nikon D70sImage via WikipediaOne of our favorite things at the fair is the wine tasting, so we have to have time for that, too. We get to taste different wines from around the state and buy the ones we like. We have found some wines that we really like this way. I always grab the brochures, thinking maybe we'll go for a winery tour or sign up for the wine of the month. So far I just get the newsletter every month from one of the wineries. One of these days I am going to order some of their wine, because it is really good. I had some last weekend, and I really do need to order some.

Anyway, I think he got enough tickets so that we can go to the fair for the concert, go to the fair to taste wines and look around, and even go back to watch the horse pulls if we want to. Yes, we definitely must watch the horse pulls. I can't believe we never went to the fair when we lived in Illinois. We go every year here.
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  1. We have a fair in town right now. I really really want to go, but unfortunately I can barely afford the gas to get there, let alone the ticket to get in :(

    Oh well, Happy Friday!! :)

  2. Our fair started this week too. We are hoping to go in the next couple days.....and then we go up on the 4th just for the fireworks. It's something to do and it doesn't have to cost too much.....


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