Monday, June 30, 2008

I Really Need to Clean My House

...and to do that, I'd really like to try these cleaners that Elizabeth is giving away on her blog MomReviews. She's giving away 3 different all natural cleaning products from Terracycle. I would really love to get away from using harsh chemical-based products. I wish I had thought about it and made more of an effort when my kids were little, but there just didn't seem to be as much information about the harmful effects back then - either that or I was too busy to notice. Also, with companies like Terracycle, it is getting easier to find natural alternatives that really work. At least Elizabeth says they work. If I have to, I'll take her word for it, but I'd rather win so I can try these products for myself!

This giveaway ends Monday, July 14th at 9:00 AM EST.



  1. Thanks Anna! I gave up on making a new badge with dates on it, since I'll just be giving stuff away every week :) If you don't win the giveaway I hope you'll try one of the cleaners, you can get them at Office Max. They really do work!

  2. The idea sounds interesting! I wish they were here..:(


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