Thursday, June 19, 2008

He Will Be Driving

Jeffrey took Cory to get his driving permit (Temps) this evening. He took the classroom portion of Driver's Ed. last summer during summer school, so he studied up a little this afternoon to remind himself of all the stuff he learned.

He passed the test. He got his temps, and he will be driving. He starts driving in Driver's Ed. on July 2, so this will give him a little bit to go out and practice with his dad. I like to wait until the kids have a little experience before I go out driving with them, though he is trying to convince me that since I'm the one who's home during the day that I should take him out driving tomorrow. Umm, No.

He'll be 16 next month, so he could have gotten his license soon, but we made him wait to take the driving portion of Driver's Ed. until this summer, because he can take it for FREE through the school. Taking it anywhere else would cost at least $300, and there was no serious need for him to drive, so we waited. Besides, there's no rush to get him his license - because then we'll have to pay for car insurance, and it's expensive to insure teenage boys.

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  1. ok here is the deal,,, when he gets on the road call me ok,,, out here they do not give the kids drivers training in school. off to finish catching up


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