Monday, June 23, 2008

It Just Felt Wrong

Unfortunately, the band director at our school will not be returning in the Fall. She got a new job, at a bigger school. It's closer to her home, so her commute will be shorter, and she'll save money on gas. Also, it's at the high school she went to. We can't really begrudge her the opportunity, but it is sad for our kids. Hopefully they will get a great new band director.

With the whole transition happening, though, no one knew what was happening this weekend. This weekend was our annual Kettle Moraine Days festival, and there's always a big parade on Sunday. Our high school band always marches in the parade. Not this year. There was no one to organize it - to unlock the band room and bring the drums, shirts, banner and equipment over, to decide what they were going to be playing, nothing. So, everyone got the message - the band is not marching in the parade. Jeffrey did go over to the elementary school where they were supposed to meet, just in case someone hadn't gotten the message and showed up. No one did. They all got the message.

So, our own school band from our own town was not in the parade. The band from the school down the road was. It just felt wrong. It was the first time Cory actually got to sit and watch the parade, and collect candy. Every other year he's either been with the Cub Scouts, the library, or the band. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it. Next year I'm sure the band will be back in the parade, and he'll have to get his candy elsewhere.

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  1. It seems like your school superintendent dropped the ball. That is too bad.


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