Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summertime Coffee

Today I'm drinking the pomegranate cranberry juice I told you about, but the last couple of days I've tried out one of the recipes Tammy shared on her blog. Remember when she posted the recipe for Not Quite Tim Horton's, But Almost as Good Ice Caps? You don't? Here's the original recipe:
  • 1 cup of whole or 2% milk
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of instant coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar
Mix all in blender until ice is crushed. Pour in glass and drink with a straw.

I usually double the recipe because as soon as I make one for me, everyone wants one.
Of course, like I do with all recipes, I had to change it a bit. Sometimes when I make my coffee in the mornings, I don't end up drinking all of it. In the winter, I often heat it up later and make hot chocolate, but I just don't feel like drinking hot chocolate in the summertime. So, earlier this week, I had some leftover coffee and thought I'd try it in this recipe. I used half coffee and half milk (doubled the recipe like Tammy said, so that was 1 cup coffee and 1 cup milk) and left out the instant coffee. It turned out really good.

I know I will be making this again. Now, on the days I have extra coffee, I pour it into a jar in the refrigerator so it will be ready when I want to whip up a batch of these Ice Caps. I probably need to find a different jar, though. The one I'm using now is the one that I usually store black olives in. Black coffee, black olives in black brine - they both look exactly alike. I can just see someone pulling the jar out expecting to find some olives in there.


  1. I love iced coffee! I'll write up a post on MomCooks about how I make it and link to some recipes from, they gave me permission to post their recipes as long as I link back.

  2. It seems I couldn't run from coffee. The smelling..I love it!
    Hot, cold or iced coffee..I like them all. I have a special recipe book of coffee drinking.

  3. For about six months a year, we pour the leftover coffee into a container and save it for iced coffee. Summer is six months long in the Dallas area. My wife has started experimenting with adding different flavors each time the container is emptied and we have to start over. It's a great change from always have iced tea.

  4. I'm glad you liked it, I'm going to have to try your recipe for it. I LOVE ICE CAPS!!!


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