Thursday, June 05, 2008

Do You Want an Ecosmarte Pool System?

Last month I learned about the Ecosmarte Pool system - non salt, non chlorine, chemical free pool water technology. Seriously, if I ever get a pool or spa, this is the system I want.

After I wrote a post about the Ecosmarte system, I received the following email:
Hi Anna,
My name is Morgan. I was recently reading your blog about ecosmart pool systems. The reason I am emailing you is because I have looked into purchasing the ecosmarte system at wholesale because my husband is a plumber and I can only buy a minimum of 6 units. I've been trying to find other people who would be interested in buying it for wholesale cost plus shipping from me if I ordered them, would be half of the cost, only costing these people $1195 plus shipping (this is half the retail price).

Do you know if any of your blog readers or anyone you know would be interested? I am pregnant with my first baby and want to be able to use our pool this summer, however I won't subject my body nor my baby to the harmful chlorine chemical.

Thank you for your help.

Best wishes,


Unfortunately, I don't see a pool in my near future, so I can't get in on this deal, but I told her I'd let my readers know. If you have a pool or are thinking of getting a pool or spa and would like to have one of these Ecosmarte systems, let me know (bcmomtoo[at]gmail[dot]com) and I can forward your interest to Morgan. Then you can work out the details between yourselves.

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  1. You might want to check rip-off report on Ecosmarte before your friend becomes a dealer.

    There is no return with this company.

    I just get the idea the company is disreputable...and unfriendly.

    Some owners have problems with Algae bloom, say their manual is rife with misspellings...and system is cumbersome for homeowner.

    I'm a Certified Fraud Examiner.

    I do NOT have a bone to pick with Ecosmarte. I was doign "due diligence" and was considering their product.

    The stuff I read about Ecosmarte scares me.

    It MAY be a good product but this is NOT a company I want to deal with. They do charge 15% restocking fee to customers..and dealers cannot get any refund.

    Appreciate the offer of a group buy.

  2. You talk about the company having misspellings in the literature. I went to their website and saw no typographical errors.

    As a matter of fact, the only misspelling I noticed was in YOUR post.

    Too bad you are not a certified typo examiner, LOL!

  3. Anna - Can you please pass on my email address to Morgan? My husband and I are looking at purchasing an ecosmart system for our pool (we just purchased the shell).

    My email address is


  4. Go to

    A far superior product with a great BBB and a return policy.

  5. I've had ECOsmarte for 5 years now and wouldn't dream of returning it!

  6. I did my homework too when looking for a non-chlorine pool system. Ecosmart filed bankruptcy a few months ago. Not surpising considering these comments.

    Anyone thinking of going with a non-chlorine system should look ultraviolet pool systems - see They require only drinking water levels of chlorine, and it gets rid of the nasty chemical byproducts. They have a 30 day return policy. I've had mine for 8 months, and it works great

  7. Ecosmarte emerged from a successful Chapter 11 bankruptcy on June 3rd 2010 and remains the world leader in non-salt, non-chemical purification for the swimming pool, spa and whole house. Returns on the appliance, installed
    since 1994 now in 91 countries are less than one half of one per cent, and have lower factors then BEST BUY on the SONY large screen LCD TV returns
    We have been often copied-- including the great post on the RIPOFF report from 2005-- but remian successful because the customers want out of the chlorine, I know because I have been selling and succeeding with Ecosmarte since 2003

  8. What the heck is a "successful" Bankruptcy?
    If you did not pay your bills or made a bad product and you were sued, you file for bankruptcy protection.
    Hey, here's a thought, make a product that works, pay attention to your customers and PAY YOUR BILLS.

    1. it easy to hide behind a nameless post ecosmartes bills where paid the whole way and we still make the best 100% chlorine free system in the world
      but cochroches that hide and make coments that are untrue, i know who you are CL free and i can make coments all day long about your salesman stealing our 1-888 line just google our address and you can see who we are. we are not running our business out of our mothers basement

    2. Anonymous (cl free)? Must be hard to make false coments hiding like a cochroch. ECOsmarte Planet Friendly is the largest and most successful chlorine free manufacture in the world google our address. ECOsmarte had a dispute with some unsavory people and use the backrupty courts to protect our assets June of the following year it is finished and notr once did our bills go unpaid. Our building is paid off and we have started a one million dollar renovation registered name the Rain Water Hotel
      we will have solar, cistern and ECOsmarte technology and give tours when it is finished
      ECOSMARTE IS GOING NOWHERE!! we have and have always been there for our customers


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