Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rain Delay

A shelf of board games. The left stack contains Carcassonne, La Città, Party & Co, and Monopoly. The right stack contains Risk, Drakon, Trivial Pursuit, The Seafarers of Catan, and Cities and Knights of Catan, some in Dutch editions.Image via WikipediaSerious rain today. We were at our friends' house in Milwaukee, and Cory wanted to get home because he had a games night at the library. About the time we needed to leave, it started pouring. So, we waited for it to let up. In the meantime, Jeffrey went out in the rain a couple of times, loaded the van, got the umbrella, moved vehicles so ours was behind and we could get out. Then, when it let up a little, we all ran for the van and headed home.

About then it started raining hard again. Streets were flooded so we had to turn around and take an alternate route, and it was hard to see. There were a few places on the interstate that were flooded - luckily in the opposite lane. Cars were backed up over there and taking their time getting through. Still, we managed to get Cory to the library, about half an hour late. And by then the rain had pretty much stopped - or we just drove out of it.

Cory's game night ended up going later than originally planned, so he really didn't miss all that much. It sounds like they had fun. They played some board games or party games and some video games on the Wii and playstation 3, and no-one was ready to go home at 8:00 as planned. This would be why we don't plan to pick Cory up at any particular time. We just tell him to call when he's ready or if he is getting a ride.
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  1. I remember going to a game night at a local church when I was in high school. It was a fundraiser and we played games all night long. It was so much fun....even when we all got punchy in the morning....


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