Friday, June 13, 2008

Electronic Tickets

Beth and Tim left this morning for Florida. I logged onto AAA yesterday, since we bought the tickets there, to see if I could print out the boarding passes or to see what they needed. There was no information, so we gave Beth the itinerary we got in the mail with all the information, figuring that would have to do. Still, it seems weird to be leaving for the airport without actual tickets, you know?

With all the rain and storms last night, we had heard on the news that the airport was closed. Not knowing what kind of back-up that would cause, I decided to check the airline's site this morning to see if the flight was on time. When I got there, I saw the option for Flight Check-in, so I clicked it. Enter passenger first name, passenger last name, and Record Locator (yeah, I had to figure out which number that was. It was the Confirmation #), and it brings up the itinerary and lets you check in and print boarding passes.

It seems obvious when I think about it now - visit the airline's site to print the boarding passes, but I just didn't think about it yesterday. It would have been nice if AAA had included a link or at least a statement telling me that. Reading these related articles about paper tickets being history, I don't think I really needed to worry. They say showing up at the airport with your itinerary and confirmation number or even just your ID is all you need.

What's cool about the Internet is that I can check flight status. This morning's flight said it was on time. I just checked now and can see that it arrived in Chicago. However, the connecting flight from Chicago to Tampa - Delayed. They were supposed to leave at 1:30.

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  1. ok your brave!!!!! sending my kid off to another kids house is scary for me hahhah but wait they are IN CONTROL OF THEIR OWN CHOICES huh hahha have a great day I am catchign up


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