Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freezer Squeezers

Summer's coming, and it's time for Cory's favorite treat - freezer squeezers. Actually, I think the box calls them Freeze 'n Squeeze, but we always call them freezers squeezers. They're those tubes of sweet, colored water you stick in the freezer to make your own popsicles. Cory would eat those all day every day if we let him. The only problem is that they're considered a 'seasonal item' so you can't buy them all year long. He had a whole stack of boxes of them last summer, and he made them last a while, but he's been out for a while.

Yesterday, Jeffrey stopped at Aldi and bought several boxes. Yes, they're back in the store now, so Cory's a happy camper. He immediately opened a box and put some in the freezer, and tonight we had the first frozen freezer squeezers of the summer. Jeffrey and I each had one. I think Cory had at least 5. Did I tell you the boy likes these things? Luckily they aren't too expensive at Aldi, so Cory can have his freezer squeezers, and we can still save for Tuscany villa rentals or something else we might want. I like shopping at Aldi for a lot of things. I just wish there was one closer.


  1. We call them freezies here and the kids love them. They always argue over who gets what color.

  2. We haven't have it here in Indonesia :(
    Children from all ages must be 'love' to do (eat & drink) anything that get 'connected' to something cold and cool in this hot summer.
    Your site is interesting. I'll put it to my link, may I?

  3. We have similar here as well and yes, the kids loved them..

    Here I think the kids call them ice poles!


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