Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learn More About Web Hosting

I'm right in the middle of working on the school calendar. Actually, I'm supposed to be working on the school calendar, but so many other things keep getting in the way, like that laundry I mentioned last post. Also, I have an email box full of website updates I have to make, when I have time. When we started the web page in question, it was hosted on a server with FrontPage extensions. What that meant was that my friend Peggy could log into the server and work on the webpages, too. There were still tweaks I had to make and details to be fixed , but at least the pages were up, which made people happy.

Now we're on a different server. No FrontPage extensions, so when Peggy creates pages she has to email them to me. I have to import them into Frontpage so they'll work with the rest of the pages, and then upload them. Ideally, with no Frontpage extensions, I should re-do the whole thing and take it out of FrontPage, but that will take more time than I think I have.

I was reading this article on cpanel tutorials, and I wonder if we could use this to help us work together better on the web pages. The article makes it sound like a very useful thing to have. The tutorials look like a very handy resource for people who use or want to use cpanel. (Don, can we have this on the server? There's information here about security issues and how to take care of them.)

This site has quite a bit of information about web hosting, so if you're thinking about choosing a web host, or just want to know how to use the tools your host provides, give it a look.