Monday, June 09, 2008

Milwaukee Area Banquet and Conference Center

We're attending a wedding this coming weekend. The daughter of some of our friends is all grown up and getting married. From what I hear, planning a wedding can be quite an elaborate affair. I'm so happy I didn't know that when Jeffrey and I got married almost 22 years ago.

What I know now, is that, if you're planning a wedding, you better start planning very far in advance in order to get the place you want for your wedding and wedding reception WI. Keeping that in mind, I'm bookmarking this place in Menomonee Falls called Davians. It's a nice banquet and conference center in the area. They have experienced event coordinators to handle all the details, and, while they have packages to choose from, each event can be completely personalized. The experienced staff at Davians is there to make your event just what you want it.

Someday my daughter might decide to get married, and it will be good that I know this.

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  1. You're definitely right about having to plan your wedding the earlier the better.

    When you start early enough you have a better shot at getting the time and place you want.

    When the day comes for your daughter to get married, I hope that you will visit my site to get some great information for your planning needs! Take care!


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