Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Shouldn't Have to Explain This

...especially to my own daughter.

The kids had finals today. They got an hour for lunch, and Cory thought it would be nice to go to Subway. We have some coupons - buy a sub and two drinks, get a sub free. So, I let Cory take a coupon. Beth said she'd drive to Subway for lunch, if Cory bought the sub and the drinks, meaning her sub would be free. Not the best deal for Cory, but he got a ride, so he agreed.

When the kids got home from school this afternoon, Beth brought a sub home with her. I'm thinking she only ate half the sub and saved the other half. I do that all the time because there's no way I can eat an entire foot-long. Two meals for the price of one. Who can argue with that?

Later I was talking to Cory and came to find out - Beth didn't order a foot-long. No, in spite of the fact that Cory ordered a foot-long and the drinks, and her sub was FREE, she just ordered a 6-inch. Should I really have to explain that, if they're willing to give you an entire foot-long sub for FREE, you do not settle for a 6-inch - even if you 'can't eat a foot-long'. Save it for later!

Hey, she barely ate any of the 6-inch. Cory said she took a bite or two and then put it back in the bag. And the drink? She took a couple sips, set it on the hood of the car, and drove back to school - waiting to see how long it took to fall off.

That is the last time I waste a coupon on that girl. This is the biggest reason that she needs to make her own money and buy her own clothes, toiletries, food, etc. If someone else pays for it, she does not appreciate it and usually ends up wasting it, ignoring it, or not using it. If she has to spend her own hard-earned money, she's a little more likely to appreciate what she has.


  1. My daughter is the same way. I try not to pay her way, but then other people do....I swear it is a losing battle.

  2. Now that would be very annoying, we don't get much free in life!

  3. Wow, ya when she's buying all her own food and drinks she won't be so quick to waste it!! $-)

    Happy Rockin' Friday!! :)


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