Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Cost of School Supplies

Is $8.50 too much to pay for a notebook? Actually, I guess they came out to $5.66 each since they were buy 2 / get 1 free. But, still...

The kids came home from school the first day, and both of them said they needed a 3 or 5-subject notebook for their math class. The teacher (I just realized they have the same teacher for their math classes) wanted them to have one notebook for the whole year - so they'll be able to refer back to their notes all year. I understand the concept. There won't be any excuse for not having the right notes with them because they left their notebook from last semester in the locker, or something like that. The problem I have with this is, I already bought notebooks. I bought the regular 1-subject notebooks, on sale at Walmart for 10¢ each. Five subjects worth of paper for 50¢ - add a cheap 3-ring binder, and they're all set, right?

Yeah, I know. I'm probably just really cheap. No probably about it. I am cheap. So, Jeffrey came home with those expensive notebooks from OfficeMax yesterday, but the kids aren't using them yet. He's going to stop at Walmart and see if they've got a better price on their 5-subject notebooks. If not, I guess we'll go with these, and I'll consider myself forewarned. Next time, I will find a better deal on the big notebooks - now that I know they'll be needing them.

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  1. I hat buying school supplies. Either the kids don't like the ones you bought or the teacher says they need different ones. Remember way back when our grandparents went to school and all they needed was a chalk board and chalk?


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