Monday, September 10, 2007

Do You Take Online Quizzes?

Every once in a while I see some fun quizzes I want to take - just so I can find out how they define me. Today I took this Personality Type quiz on Quibblo. I think it's pretty accurate. Here are my results:
  • Shy Personality Type

    You keep pretty much to yourself, and mostly open-up to those who are really, really close to you—your family and best friends, which also means you’re really trustworthy and loyal. You tend to be quiet and sometimes get embarrassed easily.

How far ahead have you planned your life?

Question 1 out of 18

Personality Test by Quibblo
Aren't you glad I'm not so shy online? Oh, come on - you know you are. If you're interested in seeing what the quiz has to say about your personality, you can take it too. If you're not interested in this quiz, there are others to choose from, or you can create your own. I'm not good at coming up with questions - in fact, I'm not even that good at coming up with answers - so I didn't try that. I'll leave that to you.