Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our W is Practically Famous

Our high school band director, W (because she has this long, sometimes hard to pronounce last name, and it's easier just to call her W - so everyone does) and the band with she plays with had a gig this past weekend. Jeffrey was gone so I didn't really think seriously about going. Now I'm kind of wishing we did go. Cory and I would have enjoyed it. Beth, of course, would not have gone for anything. She doesn't know a good thing when she has the chance to hear it.

Anyway, Cory came home from school and told the story W told the band today. I guess her band, Sergio Poventud y su Orquesta Veneno, opened for this performer who is really big - like famous in Puerto Rico, Gilberto Santa Rosa. Apparently, he really liked the way W played and asked her to play with his band. Then, he had her play a solo - without telling her ahead of time. It sounds like she must have done well, because Cory says she may get to play with Santa Rosa in the future. How exciting it that?

Just as long as she doesn't decide to leave and focus on this full-time. We really appreciate her as our high school band director.