Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nice Matters

Elizabeth at MomCooks gave me a Nice Matters award! Thank you so much, Elizabeth. That is so nice.

This award is given to bloggers who inspire good feelings in others, who are caring and kind, good blog friends, who care and support others and are a positive influence in the blogging world. The award was created by Genevieve at Bella Enchanted.

There really are a lot of nice people in the blogging world. I'd be hard pressed to think of anyone I've met so far who hasn't been nice. That ought to make it easy to pass this award, shouldn't it?

I'd like to give this award to the following nice people:
I know there are many many more nice people out there, and I'm reserving the option to pass the award on to them at a later date. The trick is finding those who haven't been given this award yet. I probably shouldn't worry about that...


  1. Congratulations!! that's a nice award :)
    will check out those simply daily recipes

  2. Thanks you, you are so nice! I wish I could give this back to you. :o)


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