Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heads or Tails - Keys

Barb at Skittle's Place has started a weekly meme. Every Tuesday, she calls Heads or Tails, and we get to play along. The theme this week is Key(s)

The first keys I ever had were my dorm keys in college. I'm sitting here trying to remember - there was the dorm key and a key for something else - mailbox maybe. It's been a few years. Before college, I had no need for keys in my life. We lived outside a small town, and I don't know if we ever locked the house. I know none of us kids had a key because there was no need. Mom was usually home when when we got home from school. I never had a car to drive, either, so there was no need for car keys.

Now, of course, I have all kinds of keys. I have keys for my van, keys for Jeffrey's old car,which Beth drives now, a key to the house, and some little keys I have no idea what they're for. Besides the keys, I have key rings to put them on - and because they're cute. I have an orange fish Cory bought me at the aquarium in Gatlinburg and the turtle he bought me in Boston, to replace the fish because it's beat up and broken. Yep, the fish is still hanging out on my key ring. I also have a Mickey Mouse key ring from Disney World. I have my library card and my grocery store savings cards, some of which are no longer needed and should be removed, but I haven't gotten around to that. All these keys and key rings are held together by a clip so I can remove sets of keys easily or clip the whole lot to my belt loop or my purse strap. If I forget to clip it to my purse strap and just toss them in, they have this way of falling to the bottom of the purse and getting lost. Why do keys do that?

Both my kids already have keys. They each have their own house key because, once in a while, I'm not home when they get home from school. Of course, those are the days they forget to take their keys with them! I've come home to find them sitting out on the driveway or over at the neighbors' house. Now Beth also has the keys to the car. She has her keys on a clip, too, and clips those keys to her belt - even when she goes somewhere without the car. I guess at least that means she has her house key if she needs it.

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  1. I know there was a time when nobody locked their doors, but I was never lucky enough to have grown up in an area like that. It must have been great.

    I have extra keys, too. I wonder what they go to? LOL. And yessss, they always go to the bottom of my purse. Sometimes I accidentally hit the "trunk open" button when I'm digging them out.

  2. My kids only have the 'extra' keys that we've put on key chains for them to play with so far - they love pretending to lock and unlock doors with those. :)

  3. You must have lived in a wonderful neighborhood not to be concerned about leaving doors unlocked. I wish it was like that everywhere.

    Thank you for visiting earlier. You're right, that's the movie I was referring to. Thanks for reminding me.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. Keys are important little things, aren't they? :)

  5. Isn't that cool that you didn't need keys as a kid. It seems that those days are long gone. Our house was barely ever locked as a kid either.

  6. We never locked our doors either when I was growing up.

    My key chain is one of the personalized Italian Photo Charm key chains that I make - I always stick my keys in my pocket, but then the key chain with photos on it is hanging out - I get comments on it all the time and get a lot of business from that key chain! There's a picture of it on my website at www.picture-perfect-creations.com

  7. We never had keys to our house as kids either. We lived way way way way out in the country and our parents never locked the doors.

  8. our roles are reversed: as a grownup, i only need a car key because we don't lock anything here; as a kid i lived in the city and needed all sorts of keys. it looks like the number of keys a person has are a direct correlation to the population of the area in which they live!


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