Monday, September 03, 2007

Last Day of Summer

School starts tomorrow! For some reason we were up last last night (or early this morning) and the kids were getting all their school supplies packed up and ready to go. Who gets their school supplies ready at 1am? My kids. At least they are ready - backpacks filled with notebooks and folders and pens and pencils and all the stuff necessary for a year of high school - or at least the first semester.

Things are going to change tomorrow. No more sleeping in like they've done all summer. I usually start getting them up a little earlier the last week before school starts, just to get them used to it, but I didn't do that this last week. I don't know why except that I like my alone time in the mornings. Of course, once school starts I'll have plenty of alone time in the mornings and all day. Maybe I'll actually get something accomplished around here.

But, for now, it's the last day of summer. It's a holiday, so I'm going to go lounge in the sun and read. Beth and Tim went swimming, and Cory's playing a video game. Tomorrow is soon enough to get busy.