Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Only Have to Cook Once a Week?!

I like to cook, but there are days when I start out wondering what we are going to have for dinner. Then I get busy and don't think about it again until 5:00. We usually eat between 6 and 6:30, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to figure something out and get it ready. I admit, sometimes I just ask Cory to make frozen pizzas. He does a good job of that, but still I feel like we should have a 'real' dinner.

What if we could have a 'real' home-cooked dinner every night of the week and I only had to cook once? It's an interesting concept, one covered by Trish Berg in:

The Great American Supper Swap
Solving the Busy Woman’s Family Dinnertime Dilemma
By Trish Berg

To learn more about this, read an interview with Trish, and, enter for a chance to win the book, visit:

BECAUSE I SAID SO: I Only Have to Cook Once a Week?!

Yes, I know, I'm hurting my odds of winning, but I just had to share. You have until midnight eastern time on Friday, September 21.

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  1. With so many kids at my house I have to start supper at 3 o'clock. Really, I do. that way by the time it's done and the dishes are done it's only 5:30 pm. Then it's bath time, story time, and bed by 7:30 pm for the little ones. (I keep my sisters 3 young ones 4 times a week while she works nights)


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