Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Love NY?

With all the talk and remembrance of the 9/11 anniversary, and the focus on New York City, I started thinking about how I've never even been to New York - state or city, either one. It's not really a place that I ever seriously considered going, but it won't be long until the kids are out of the house. Then Jeffrey and I can start having a real life! No, seriously, there are things we'd like to do, and visiting some places we've never been is one of them. Jeffrey wants to go to Las Vegas one of these days. I'm not all that excited about that, but I think I could enjoy a visit to New York City.

Of course I would have to plan ahead because I'm not all that good at being spontaneous. Just ask Jeffrey. He'll tell you. I'd like to look up NYC restaurants ahead of time so we'd know where to go to eat. I really hate to go somewhere and end up hating the food or the service or something. With so many places to choose from with this NYC dining guide, there's no excuse for that. At least I can get a good idea. Then, since we will have to prove that we're not old and still have lots of energy, we will have to hit a night club or two, right? I wonder if I check out the guide to NYC nightlife if I'll be able to find one that's fun but doesn't allow smoking? Do they allow smoking in buildings in NYC? I really would like to be able to go out and have a good time without worrying about that. I'm not sure whether I can find that out or not, but it looks like there is always something going on in New York City.

Then I want to get up early and go visit Good Morning America, since I watch them every morning.

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  1. If you ever want to know anything about the NYC Subway, here you go!


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