Monday, September 03, 2007

My Favorite Shoes

Or at least they are my most worn shoes. These are my walking shoes. I wore them from right after Memorial Day 2006 until February 2007 - and walked 360 miles (or so) in them. They still looked nice and new and white on top, but the bottoms were completely worn out. So I got a new pair of shoes for walking, but I couldn't bring myself to throw these out. So I kept them to use out in the yard for gardening and mowing. Now they don't look so good. The grass turned them green when I mowed! I still love them.

Tabblo: 360 miles or so

I bought these walking shoes last Spring. I've been walking in them ever since - 5 days a week, 2 miles a day. Doing some calculations, subtracting a couple of weeks for rainy days and vacations, I figure I've walked 360 or so miles in these. They still look like new, not even very dirty. ... See my Tabblo

Why am I talking about my shoes? Bridget over at ..."And Miles To Go Before We Sleep..." posted pictures of her favorite shoes and her husband's boots. She thought it would be fun to see the shoes we all wear most or love most. I think she's right, and I'd already made this tabblo with my shoe pictures, so...

If you decide to post a picture of your shoes and let everyone know why you love them, please let her know - and me too.

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  1. what a great pair of shoes!! They look so comfortable and loved. I used to have a pair of lawn mowing shoes that I absolutely LOVED--and they turned green from cutting the grass BUT I loved them so much, I sometimes forgot and wore them out to the store!! Great post :)


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