Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dreams Don't Just Happen

With two kids in high school, the discussion about what they are going to do with their lives comes up quite often. Beth thinks she wants to go into interior design, mainly because they had a unit in their 8th grade FACE class, and this came really easily for her. I don't doubt that she has the talent, and she could do anything she wanted to do. However, she doesn't really want to put any effort into it, and she's always complaining that there are no classes in high school that relate to interior design at all. We just can't get through to her that, she still needs to do her best in school, whatever the classes, or it could hurt her in the future when it comes to pursuing her dream of being an interior designer.

Maybe something like The Dream Online Community would help? This FREE forum is dedicated to giving dreamers the chance to connect, share their dreams, and help each other to achieve those dreams - whether dreams of prosperity and wealth, making a difference, or of doing something you love. There aren't many members or posts yet, but they are just getting started.

Beth really needs someone besides her parents to tell her that yes, her dream can come true, but she will have to work at it. I don't think her friends are telling her. They all seem the type to want more and then expect someone to hand it to them. It's hard to watch, when we want so much more for our daughter.