Sunday, September 02, 2007

Get Cult Status

When we're riding in the car, whoever is driving gets to pick the music - unless, of course, I'm the one driving. It seems to me there's a double standard here. If Beth's driving, she wants to pick the music. If I'm driving, one of the kids is always switching the radio to the station they want. Some of their music is ok, but when I hear some of it, I wonder how that particular band or singer ever got famous - or at least how they ever got on the radio. I think it has a lot to do with promotion, promotion, promotion. Get someone to wear your t-shirts, whatever it takes to get your name out there.

The good news is that now anyone can get the word out. They don't need a major record label to back them. Created by musicians, for musicians is the design, printing and merchandising resource specifically for independent musicians, labels, and music organizations. They work with these musicians and music organizations to find the best merchandise and the best way to promote each one. Are you a musician? Would you like to get cult status? Check them out.

Of course, it doesn't hurt if you make good music, too.

ETA: I mentioned this to my friend Ray. He's a musician. Maybe it will be something he can use. Also, they mention small community bands on this site. I'm wondering if there is something they can do to help with merchandise for our high school band? Any thoughts? Is anyone involved in Band Boosters for your kids' band? What do you do to raise money and awareness?