Friday, September 07, 2007

Five Things Cory Can't Live Without

Cory came home from school yesterday and told me that one of his new teachers had asked the class several questions so he could get to know them better. I think it probably helps the class get to know one another better, too, though most of them have been going to school together for years. Anyway, one of the questions he asked was: Name 5 things you can't live without. I asked Cory what his 5 things were, and he said I had to guess. I had a couple wrong guesses, but it wasn't too hard to get his list of 5 things: (not necessarily in this order)
  1. Ramen noodles
  2. His computer/the Internet
  3. books
  4. Bionicles
  5. Freezer Squeezers
I guessed that 'mom' was on his list, but I didn't make it. Another guess - pickles!

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