Thursday, September 27, 2007

Law Discussion by Former Proscecutors

Whenever I read John Grisham books, I think I could have been a lawyer. He explains it so well. Of course, when I said that, someone said, "Even John Grisham doesn't want to be a lawyer. That's why he quit and started writing books." Well, maybe he doesn't still want to be a lawyer, but he does understand the law, and he does explain it in a way that even I can understand it.

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He's not the only former lawyer who writes about law and trials in a way that the rest of us can understand. The Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Blog | California Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum is written by some former Los Angeles prosecutors. They discuss California law and high profile celebrity trials. One of the posts that caught my eye is the one about what rights a passenger has when a vehicle is stopped by the police. Not that I'm planning to be in a vehicle in California that gets stopped by the police, but you never know. There was the time Jeffrey turned the car sideways on the freeway - but there were no police in sight.

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