Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Online Storage

Cory spends a lot of time on the Internet watching silly videos, playing on NeoPets or on some Lego site, or talking to his friends on MySpace. Occasionally he actually does something halfway constructive. He's very good at photo editing and creating videos. A while back he had a friend who wanted him to create a video, but then he had to figure out how to get this video to his friend. He wanted to email it, but it was too big for an email attachment. I kept trying to find him a place to upload the file so his friend could go download it. I found a few places that looked promising, but for some reason or other, they didn't work or he didn't want to try them. I don't know if the friend ever got his video or not.

Recently I read about MediaMax, a FREE online storage and file sharing site that I just had to check out. This site offers 25GB of online storage. I can store files online, share those files, host my own videos - whatever. Mostly I'm interested in backing up my data, because we've had some harddrive problems in the past. Beth ended up losing quite a few pictures and wasn't too happy about it. With 25GB of storage, I ought to be able to backup practically all of my data. Then, if I want to share it, I can do that, too. So, I signed up. I haven't actually uploaded or tried sharing anything yet, but I have high hopes for this site. I need to let Cory know, just in case he needs to share a large file with a friend again. This ought to make it easy.

Other people, who need to share files with me - I wish they'd try it, too. Jump drives are nice, but this sounds so much easier - or at least files can be shared without ever having to leave the house.
Note: Contrary to ppp popular opinion, no one is paying me to say this.

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