Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Music Downloads

While I was searching for information about an accident somewhere close to home today, I found a video on the news channel website. It was about a new music download service I would like to check out when I get a chance. At first I was thinking I'd send the link to my kids because they're always listening to some kind of music. Beth can't even take a shower without having the music going. However, I don't think this site works with iPods, and that's what they have. I suppose they could listen on the computer - Beth does that a lot in her room. Also, my mp3 player isn't an iPod, so I could use it. It's just that I usually listen to books.

I'm still going to check it out, because it's FREE, and that's really high on my list for most everything. I can put up with some ads for free music.

I never did find any information about the accident, so I'm hoping that means it was nothing serious. I was just a little worried because my kids were on their way to school when I heard about it, and I thought it might affect them. It didn't. They didn't even see it.

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  1. My daughter wants a MP3 player for Christmas. I suppose I'll have to put some music on it before she opens it.


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