Thursday, September 20, 2007

Military Uniforms at the Lowest Price

Until the sons of our friends joined the U.S. Marines, I didn't realize that they had to pay for their own uniforms. One, they don't really get paid that much in the military. Two, they are required to wear the uniforms. And then they have to pay for them? Do the people who work at McDonald's have to pay for their own uniforms?

I am going to have to mention BDU.COM - they carry a complete line of Propper military uniforms (Propper is the largest supplier of military uniforms to the U.S. Department of Defense) at the lowest possible prices. It would at least be worth a look to see if they can get a better deal on the uniforms than wherever else they've been getting them.

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  1. Seriously? They aren't even provided with a week's worth to get started? Has it always been that way? That is a shame that it's an "honor to pay" to wear our country's uniform!


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