Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's Not Too Late

World Alzheimer's Day was September 21. Memory Walks are going on all over the country this month, and, at least in my area, the early part of next month. Since I'm going to be out of town and wasn't sure I would be back in time, I didn't seriously consider walking. I would love to do the walking part. It's the fundraising that bothers me. Anyway, since I'm not walking, I figured I could still help in a small way - so I promised to donate the money I got paid for blogging about the Memory Walk and helping get the word out. When I got ready to donate, I read on the PPP blog that Harrah's Foundation has promised to match all donations in the month of September - up to 1 million dollars. So, in effect, my donation is doubled.

It's not too late. If you were planning to donate, be sure to donate to the Alzheimer's Association by the end of September, so your donation can be doubled, too. And, if your employer matches your donation, you could probably combine that, too.