Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Timing

It started raining this afternoon - hard enough that I thought I better go pick Cory up from the bus stop. He doesn't appreciate it when I make him walk in the rain. He comes in the front door all wet and glares at me. He's sweet, but it's not like he's going to melt. But I thought I'd be a nice mom and pick him up. It's true - once in a while, I'm actually a nice mom.

Then, right about the time I needed to leave, I noticed that it had stopped raining - so I went out to the mailbox just to be sure. It's sprinkling a little, but nothing major. I didn't melt. The boy can walk. Now we're all good, as long as it doesn't decided to start pouring on him halfway home.

Yep, he's home and he's not even wet!


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  2. We had good timing with rain yesterday too - it started right after we got in the van from Abby's soccer practice, rained all the way to church and had mostly stopped by the time we got there, thank goodness! :)


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