Friday, September 07, 2007

Sempre Fi

We have a couple of friends who are U.S. Marines. Actually they are the sons of our friends, and I get many emails from their mom, who is so proud of them - as well she should be. There is also the stress involved and the worry when they are deployed. Both of them have spent time in Iraq, as well as other deployments, and, even though they are not my own sons, it hurts almost as much when people disrespect the military. These are young men who are doing what they believe in. If someone does not come forward, stand up, and defend this country, where will we be? Does this mean I ever want my son to join the military? Not necessarily - like I said, I've seen the stress and the worry - but, if he chooses to do so, I will be extremely proud of him and support him all the way. I might even start collecting Military coins or some kind of military collectible. I'd at least need a bumper sticker!

Remember, each one of those military members is someone's son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife. They are doing what they believe in to give everyone else the right to do whatever they believe in. A little support wouldn't hurt.