Sunday, September 02, 2007

Online Degree Classes

Every once in a while Jeffrey mentions going back to school or at least taking classes so he can get his CPA (Certified Public Accountant), or maybe CMA (Certified Management Accountant.) I guess it would depend on what is most valuable for his job. Working a full-time job and trying to find time for classes and studying is what usually stops him. He's doing well at work. Does he really need those 3 little letters at the end of his name?

Online classes would probably be the best way to go, if he can find a good program. I don't know if The University of Wales Online offers classes for accounting degrees, but they do offer people the opportunity to upgrade their careers and receive an accredited degree online - without having to quit their jobs in order to find the time. I wonder if a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) would be good for Jeffrey's career? They offer that, and they are part of the second largest university in the United Kingdom.