Friday, September 21, 2007

I Love My Dell Laptop

I have spent the whole day here on my couch with my Dell notebook, and I've had no time to blog - unless you count that post about being replaced by the kitty. I really do like my computer. I spend lots of time with it on my lap, and recently the kitty has been trying to replace my computer, too. When the kids aren't home, she wants to curl up on my lap, and that makes it very hard to use the laptop, too. As it is, I sometimes have to leave the computer on the coffee table and type with one hand. Oh, the things we give up for these animals! And I'm not even an animal person.

I do take my computer practically everywhere I go. I don't take the cat - though we did just take her to the library. Cory's idea. I have gone away from home a time or two and not taken the computer, and, of course, that's the precise time I really need it! Having a laptop makes my pc ultra portable so there's really no reason not to take it.

When we go places, we usually take both of our Dell laptops. Yes, this is my second one. When I got it about a year ago, my husband 'inherited' the old one. It still works, except that the touchpad stopped working. Now he uses a wireless mouse with it. He figured it wasn't worth replacing the whole top of the computer (it comes as one piece) when the cost of an entire computer really isn't that much any more. When we bought the new one, I was surprised that it cost about $500 less than the old one had cost 4 years earlier - and it was better. I think the touchpad part would cost $250 or so from Dell, and right now you can start building a new laptop for around $500.


  1. I love my Dell laptop too! :)

    There's a little something for you over on my blog... :)

  2. I'd love to have a laptop, but I just got a new digital camera about a month ago so I don't think hubby will buy me one for a few more months.

  3. I mentioned to my husband that I was thinking about getting a laptop, he thinks I am computer crazy, he stays away from them like they were the plague. I just love gadgets. I probably never could have enought.


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