Monday, June 09, 2008

Heads or Tails - Flowers

Today's theme is:

HEADS - Flower

Every spring I really enjoy seeing these flowers along the roadsides. Last year I was pleasantly surprised to find some in my front flowerbed, though slightly disappointed that mine bloomed white, while I really, really like the purple ones. This year, I got purple!

Along the railroad tracks last spring:

In my flowerbed this spring:
Purple (after the) Rain

Since they grow wild everywhere, maybe some people would consider these a weed? I choose to consider them beautiful flowers, and I'm happy to have them to enjoy, however they came to live in my flowerbed.

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  1. The railroad tracks make me think of places to go.. yet to be discovered. I'm glad YOU discovered these flowers and posted pictures of them. :)

  2. i love purple flowers. so beautiful!

  3. Weed, wildflower, or intentional planting, it doesn't matter. They're lovely. I'm glad they came to be in your flowerbed so you can enjoy them.

    Happy HoT!

  4. I think they are a type phlox. I have some in my flower bed too. I think they are gorgeous flowers!

  5. Beautiful! Looking at all of these pretty flowers and flower beds makes me want to start a garden...but I don't have a green thumb-lol! The Wildwood Flower is at my place!

    Happy HoTs!

  6. I think they are very beautiful! Their color is so vibrant!

  7. they are perfect and like you said how can anything so pretty be a weed....thank you for sharing...

  8. Those are gorgeous! I love the purple color, and there are a lot of weeds that I think are pretty enough that half the time I don't even realize it's a weed until someone says so :)

  9. yay purple ones at last for you!

    I like the pic with the rainsdrops on- very effective and creative if i must say!

    Thanks for stopping by Anna x

  10. They are very pretty :) Happy HOT day! And thank you for stopping by :)

  11. "A weed is just a flower out of place." yes that is a phlox.

  12. Weed or not, those are beautiful! I wish the weeds growing in my garden were as pretty... :)

  13. They're beautiful and I would love to have them in my garden, weed or not.


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