Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging While I'm Working

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I should be cleaning. My cousin left me a message saying that as much as I clean I shouldn't have anything else left to clean, so I should come help her clean her house. Obviously I wasn't cleaning my house, since I was online, and that is pretty much my problem. There are so many things that always need done around here, but I'd rather be online, blogging about the things that need done. I have a friend on LiveJournal who seems to get more done in one day than most people get done in a month, and she has time to blog about it and create videos. Me? I usually have to choose - between doing something or blogging about it.

I just finished watching a video showing how Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred works. Or was it Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard? Either way, I can see how this software could help busy bloggers, and busy moms like me who want to have time to be good bloggers. This software lets you type just by using your voice. So, I could be doing other things and blogging at the same time, especially if I can get my Bluetooth headset to work with my computer. The software comes with a headset, but I'd need a really long cord.

I'm always composing posts in my head while I'm washing dishes or folding laundry or vacuuming the floor. With the Dragon Naturally Speaking software, instead of putting together a great post in my head, only to forget everything I wanted to say when I finally sit down at the computer, I could be putting together a great post on my computer. When no-one's around, I'm usually talking out loud anyway. (Shhh, don't tell)

When I have take time to sit down at my computer to put together a blog post, the Dragon Naturally Speaking software could help with that, too. Even though I type pretty fast, I can talk a lot faster, and that means it would take less time to write a post, not counting the editing and perfecting and all that stuff I always have to do, but no software can help me with that! I would probably have to go back to typing when other people are in the room, either that or let Jeffrey think I'm just telling him about my day, when I'm really blogging it.

Check out a couple videos and the NY Times Review of DNS10 to find out more about this software.

Video 1:

Dogs, kids, construction, vacuum cleaners?

Video 2:

If I had this software, I'm thinking I might finally be able to get my house cleaned, and be able to tell you about it too. Now if I could just find some software that will do the cleaning for me...

Note: this post in no way implies that having this software would make me a great blogger, or that I would actually get my housework done. However, if you think I would love to try this software to see what I can do with it, you're right.


  1. I got ya there! I'll be cleaning the toilet, vacuuming or some other domestic chore, when BAM, I am hit with an idea only to have it go away when I have time to put it on paper (or screen :P)

  2. Its my closets that need work but I keep squeezing just one more item in and lean on the door to shut it and out of sight out of mind. LOL I really have to get to them but there are so many more interesting things to do.


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